"It is our responsibility to leave the planet better off than the way that we Inherited it for generations to come." - Dave Vitalli, Chairman & CEO

IEC Uses the Latest Methods & Technologies for a Cleaner and Safer Planet.

International Environmental Corporation is a one stop shop for all of your industrial cleansing and deconstruction needs

International Environmental Corporation is a one-stop-shop for all of your industrial cleaning and deconstruction needs. We offer professional teams with the comprehensive skills and experience to safely and productively remove any asset, remediate any environmental concern, and recycle and dispose of any materials in an environmentally responsible method. We can and will provide you with the ideal solutions to all of your needs, including the acquisition of your assets and properties.

The International Environmental Corporation is your best and most logical choice for a modern solution to your logistics, remediation, disposal, demolition, and remediation needs.

We offer a wide array of services:


International Environmental Corporation's ability to load, transport, and dispose of, or install any material is unmatched in its comprehensive services. IEC has the experience to load your material, truck it to your desired destination, and even install and grade it when needed.


Whether big or small dirt field or home, IEC is your choice for thorough environmental remediation and clean up. Our experience and dedication to the professional completion of our environmental projects will be the difference in your successful project.


From contaminated material to construction debris and everything in between, IEC is your best choice for the experienced, compliant, and efficient disposal of any material.


From industrial to commercial and residential, IEC's experienced teams will meet all of your demolition needs. IEC excels at meeting their customers' needs in the safest, most productive, and green manner in the marketplace.


Recycling is an environmental and economic necessity in today's world. IHC's experience in this area will help you maximize your profit on your recyclables as well as maintain an environmentally responsible project.

For specific details on what IEC can facilitate, please contact us directly at our world headquarters at 1-866-982-1652 Or email us at